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Version: 19.08.2022
The following data privacy policy applies to the career site of GmbH at

Table of content

1. Responsible party
2. Collection, processing, and use of personal data
3. Log files
4. Cookies
5. User rights
6. Contact

1. Responsible party

The responsible party (also: “responsible person”) is GmbH:

Reichenaustrasse 19a

78467 Constance


Phone +49 (0) 7531 / 1274-400

Fax +49 (0) 7531 / 1274-600

Followed: [“” or “we” or “us”]. Exceptions are explained in this privacy policy.

Contact details of our data protection officer

If you have any questions about this data protection information or generally about the processing of your data within the framework of this online service, please contact: GmbH
Reichenaustrasse 19a
78467 Constance


2. Collection, processing, and use of personal data

2.1 General

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (e.g. name, address, telephone number, date of birth, e-mail address, or curriculum vitae).

In general, you can use our online services without providing personal data, e.g. to find out about job vacancies in the job portal. However, the use of certain services may require you to provide personal data, e.g. to register or to contact us. If you do not wish to provide us with the necessary data, you will unfortunately not be able to use the corresponding services.

Revocation of consent
You can revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future. You can declare the revocation via e-mail to:

2.2 Purposes of processing

We process your personal data for the following purposes and based on the aforementioned legal grounds:

1. Provision of this online offer Contract fulfillment
2. Provision of an online application option contract creation

2.3 Processing of application data

The application data you provide us with will only be used by us for the application process, i.e. to store, evaluate, allocate, and internally forward your application and for contacting you. As part of the application process, your application data is accessible to the respective personnel managers and is made available to the managers of the respective specialist department that is looking for you. Your application data will not be passed on to third parties outside GmbH.

2.4 Passing on data to third parties; service providers

2.4.1 Passing on data to third parties

We will only pass on your personal data to third parties if this is necessary for the fulfillment of the contract, if we or the third party have a legitimate interest in passing on the data or if we have your consent to do so.
We may disclose personal data to a third party in particular if:

  • If we are obliged to do so by law or by an enforceable official or court order in an individual case;
  • in connection with legal disputes (vis-à-vis courts or our lawyers) or audits (vis-à-vis auditors);
  • in connection with possible criminal offenses to the competent investigating authorities;
  • in the event of a sale of the business (to the purchaser).

If data is transferred to third parties based on a legitimate interest, this is explained in these data protection provisions.
In addition, data may be transferred to third parties if we are obliged to do so by law or by enforceable official or court order

    2.4.2 Service providers

    We reserve the right to use service providers for the collection or processing of data. Service providers only receive personal data from us that they require for their specific activities. For example, your e-mail address may be passed on to a service provider so that they can deliver a newsletter that you have ordered. Service providers may also be commissioned to provide server capacity. Service providers are usually integrated as so-called order processors who may only process the personal data of the users of this online offer according to our instructions.
    Insofar as service providers are not already named in these data protection provisions, these are the following categories of service providers:

    IT service provider (technical support + hosting), Germany.

    2.5 Duration of storage; retention periods

    We store your data for as long as is necessary for the provision of our online offer and the associated services or we have a legitimate interest in the continued storage. In the case of the job portal, this means that we store your application data for a maximum of six months after any rejection.
    After the aforementioned periods have expired, your application attachments will be irrevocably deleted. A rump data set of your application data remains so that no more personal data remains and thus no conclusion can be drawn about your person.


    3. Log files

    For web hosting, the following information, in particular, is stored in the log files:
    – Time and date of the visit
    – Browser information
    – Referrer URL
    – IP address
    – System used by the user
    Place of processing: European Union.
    Data recipient: Hetzner GmbH (

    The data will be deleted as soon as they are no longer needed for processing purposes.

    4. Cookies

    This online offer uses cookies and comparable technologies (hereinafter collectively referred to as “cookies”).

    4.1 What are cookies?
    Cookies are small text files that are sent when a website is visited and stored in the user’s browser. If the corresponding website is called up again, the user’s browser sends back the content of the cookies and thus enables a recognition of the user. Certain cookies are automatically deleted at the end of the browser session (so-called session cookies), others are stored in the user’s browser for a specified time or permanently and then delete themselves automatically (so-called temporary or permanent cookies).

    4.2 What data is stored in cookies?
    In principle, cookies do not store any data that makes you identifiable as a person (e.g. no names, e-mail addresses, or IP addresses). Instead, cookies typically contain a code (so-called identifier) as well as information on the storage period and possibly also certain technical features (e.g. security functions). Cookies can, however, be used to create usage profiles.

    4.3 What kind of cookies do we use?
    Name: wpml current language – a multilingual plugin that makes it easy to create and run multilingual websites.
    Processing purpose: service improvement, analysis, service provision, statistics.
    Storage period: Session 

    5. Rights of the users

    How can you assert your rights?
    Please use the information in the Contact section to assert your rights. Please make sure that we can identify you.
    Alternatively, you can use the settings options in your user account to correct the data you provided during registration or to object to advertising.
    Please note that your data will initially only be blocked if there are retention periods that prevent deletion.

    Your rights to information and correction
    You can request that we confirm whether we are processing personal data relating to you and you have the right to information about the data that we are processing. If your data is inaccurate or incomplete, you can request a correction or completion. If we have disclosed your data to third parties, we will inform them of the rectification where required by law.

    Your right to deletion
    If the legal requirements are met, you can demand that we delete your personal data without delay. This is particularly the case if
    – your personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected;
    – the legal basis for the processing was exclusively your consent and you have revoked it;
    – you have objected to the processing for advertising purposes (“advertising objection”);
    – you have objected to processing on the legal basis of balancing interests on personal grounds and we cannot demonstrate that there are overriding legitimate grounds for the processing;
    – your personal data has been processed unlawfully; or
    – Your personal data must be erased to comply with legal requirements.
    If we have disclosed your data to third parties, we will inform them of the erasure where required by law.
    Please note that your right to erasure is subject to restrictions. For example, we do not have to or are not allowed to delete data that we still have to retain due to legal retention periods. Data that we need to assert, exercise or defend legal claims are also excluded from your right to erasure.

    Your right to restrict processing
    You may, if the legal requirements are met, request us to restrict processing. This is particularly the case if
    – the accuracy of your personal data is disputed by you, and then until we have had the opportunity to verify the accuracy;
    – the processing is not lawful and you request the restriction of use instead of erasure (see the previous section);
    – we no longer need your data for processing, but you need it to assert, exercise or defend your legal rights;
    – you have objected on personal grounds, and then until it is determined whether your interests are overridden.
    Where there is a right to restrict processing, we mark the data concerned to ensure that it is only processed within the narrow limits that apply to such restricted data (namely, in particular, for the defense of legal claims or with your consent).

    Your right to data portability
    You have the right to receive personal data that you have given us for the performance of a contract or based on consent in a transferable format. In this case, you can also request that we transfer this data directly to a third party, insofar as this is technically feasible.

    Your right to withdraw consent
    If you have given us consent to process your data, you may revoke this consent at any time with effect in the future. The lawfulness of the processing of your data until the revocation remains unaffected.

    Your right to object to direct marketing
    You can also object at any time to the processing of your personal data for advertising purposes (“advertising objection”). Please bear in mind that, for organisational reasons, there may be an overlap between your revocation and the use of your data in the context of an already ongoing campaign.

    Your right to object on personal grounds

    You have the right to object to data processing by us for reasons arising from your particular situation, insofar as this is based on the legal basis of legitimate interest. We will then stop processing your data unless we can prove – by the legal requirements – compelling reasons for further processing that are worthy of protection and which outweigh your rights.
    Complaint to the supervisory authority
    You have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority. To do so, you can contact the data protection authority responsible for your place of residence or federal state or the data protection authority responsible for us. This is:

    Data Protection Baden – Württemberg
    Königstrasse 10 a
    70173 Stuttgart

    6. Contact


    For information and suggestions on the subject of data protection, we or our data protection officer are at your disposal at the e-mail address

    If you would like to contact us, you can reach us as follows: GmbH

    Reichenaustrasse 19a

    78467 Constance


    Phone +49 (0) 7531 / 1274-400

    Fax +49 (0) 7531 / 1274-600